A domestic worker wiping plant leaves outdoors in Singapore. Photo: Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore@Facebook

Netizens were furious after seeing a Facebook post about a foreign domestic worker in Singapore who was ordered to clean the leaves on outdoor plants at her employer’s residence.

A netizen from the Philippines posted two pictures on a Facebook page titled “Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore” on Monday, saying a maid had been asked by her employer to wipe the plants whenever the leaves were dirty. The netizen added the plants were in the front of the house and it was very hot outdoors.

The post was shared by another Facebook page titled “All Singapore Stuff” and received a lot of comments. Some said it was an unreasonable request as plants should be cleaned by rain or sprayed with water. Others called the employer cruel.

However, some employers said the request was reasonable and maids should not complain.

Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (PAPA) vice-president Foo Yong Hooi called the employer’s request to clean the leaves strange and unreasonable in a China Press report. Foo conceded there may be a need to wipe an indoor plant’s leaves once in a while, but not every day.

There is no need to wipe an outdoor plant’s leaves because it will not help it grow any stronger, said Cameron Highlands Floriculturists Association president Lee Peng Fo.

Lawyer Lee Sok Wah said employers should provide umbrellas and long-sleeved clothes to maids doing outdoor work.

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