Photos from the video show the elderly woman and the maid during and after the skirmish. Photo: Facebook, Time News International
Photos from the video show the elderly woman and the maid during and after the skirmish. Photo: Facebook, Time News International

An elderly woman was arrested by police on Thursday night after a video surfaced on social media showing her slapping and threatening to kill her Indonesian domestic worker.

The 79-year-old employer surnamed Pang lives in Grand View Garden in Wong Tai Sin in Kowloon, Apple Daily reported, adding that her son works in China and only visits Pang once a week.

Pang’s son hired the 35-year-old Indonesian last year to take care of her.

The domestic worker told Apple Daily that she was attacked – allegedly for the third time – on Wednesday. She had told Pang’s son his mother had assaulted her but he allegedly asked her to forgive Pang.

But Oriental Daily said Pang’s son did not believe the previous assaults had occurred, so the domestic worker wanted evidence, which led to the maid taking the live streaming video.

The domestic worker had asked for assistance from the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong and relevant domestic worker groups.

In the 12-minute Facebook Live video, the employer and the domestic worker can be heard having a conservation in Cantonese.

Early in the video the helper is heard saying, “You always come in like this for small things.” Then, the employer is heard asking the worker, “Did I treat you very bad? You tell me, you ask your conscience.”

The domestic worker rejected this, saying she was aggravated by small things.

Then the employer blamed the maid for making her lose her temper, saying she had never hired a domestic worker as bad as her.

At one point, the worker speaks in Indonesian and the employer asks, “Why don’t you speak Cantonese? Why are you speaking this other language? I don’t understand….What are you saying about me? You’re so evil…. speak my language.. use Chinese.

“No wonder some people hit their maids, I’ve never had anyone make me as angry as you do.”

YouTube video

The employer is then seen smacking the helper in the face, mouth and thighs, then threatens to kill the Indonesian.

The worker replies in Cantonese, “Kill me then.”

According to Time News International, the worker is heard repeatedly saying in Bahasa (Indonesian): “Oh God, I’m being smacked. I don’t accept her speaking that way to me.”

At one point, she quietly calls her employer a “dog” in her native tongue as she is being beaten.

Police arrested the employer for allegedly common assault and criminal intimidation.

The employer was released on bail pending further investigation by police from Wong Tai Sin station.

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