Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ashashyou
Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ashashyou

A Filipino domestic worker escaped from her employer’s home after she was allegedly abused and assaulted by her female employer.

The maid sought help from the Philippine Embassy and she was taken to a hospital for medical treatment – to get a medical report of her injuries, the Arab Times reported.

A photo run in the online paper showed the maid in a black hijab and what appeared to be injuries or cuts to her face.

The domestic worker told police that she and her employer got into an argument which caused the employer to start beating her.

A case was filed with police, who said the employer would be summoned for interrogation.

On Thursday, Philippine Labor secretary Silvestre Bello said the ban on Filipino workers being deployed to Kuwait may be partly lifted once the agreement between the Philippine and Kuwaiti governments is signed, GMA News reported.

“If there will be a lifting, it will only be for a moment – a lifting of the ban with respect to skilled workers,” Bello said.

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