A local woman (left) is seen scolding a domestic worker in Wan Po Road Pet Garden in Tsuen Kwan O, the New Territories. Photo: Mel C. Santiago
A local woman (left) is seen scolding a domestic worker in Wan Po Road Pet Garden in Tsuen Kwan O, the New Territories. Photo: Mel C. Santiago

A video has gone viral on social media showing a local woman shouting at a Filipina maid – “Go back to the Philippines!” – in a dog park on Wan Po Road in Tsuen Kwan O, the New Territories.

The five-minute video, which surfaced on Facebook on Thursday, shows the local woman scolding and pointing a finger at the domestic worker caring for two dogs and a child in a stroller, because of the dogs’ behavior.

The woman complained that the two dogs “always keep barking” and the domestic worker did not control them. She also complained that the maid should not take care of the dogs and the child at the same time.

The domestic worker hit back, saying the woman shouldn’t scold her. But the woman got more emotional, saying “You should shut the f–k up! You’re just the helper.”

When the helper replied, “I am controlling them”, the woman said, “You are not, because your dog is barking [at] my dog!”

The local woman then demanded to speak to the maid’s employer, saying “Ask your boss to come here – I will tell him the rules.”

The domestic worker agreed to call her employer, but the woman continued: “You should change your attitude. You are not [fit] to be a helper. You’re only working in Hong Kong. You should go back to the Philippines. Bad attitude, bad helper!”

The quarrel ended when the domestic worker gave her boss’ phone number to the woman.

The video, filmed by another Filipina domestic worker, Mel C. Santiago, had been shared 17,000 times and garnered 1.2 million views as of Monday.

The woman was slammed by netizens for her bullying and disrespectful attitude. But Apple Daily on Saturday tracked her down and ran the “other side of the story” that the video did not disclose, via a friend.

The woman claimed that her right hand got hurt by her own dog when she was separating the dogs. A few photos showed her bleeding hand and when she allegedly went to a hospital for treatment.

The woman said she got angry because when she complained to the domestic worker, the latter did not respond or apologize to her.

The woman said it was not the first time she complained to the maid, claiming the latter could not control her dogs and let them barking at others while the maid was focused on her mobile phone.

Jalilo dela Torre, Labor Attache at the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong, said the Filipina could take a case to the Equal Opportunities Commission if the person’s action constituted racial harassment, sunwebhk.com reported.

But it was understood that the domestic worker was not keen to file charges, the report said.

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