Many people in Beijing want to hire foreign domestic workers. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Filipino domestic workers are in high demand in Chinese cities because of their fluency in English and professionalism, but Chinese law forbids people from hiring foreign maids.

However, there are calls to relax the law. Under China’s laws, foreign domestic workers are not allowed to be employed in the country, the Global Times reported.

Foreigners living in China also prefer to hire Filipinos because there is no language barrier. An Australian woman living in Shanghai, who used the pseudonym Rachel, said her domestic worker was professional and caring. “With her taking care of my children, it feels much easier for me,” she said.

A Filipino nanny who works in Hainan said she came to China in 2014 because she was offered a high salary by her employment agent. Her salary is now 7,000 yuan (US$1,105) per month.

She said her Chinese employer processes her work visa, which allows her to work in China legally. Most foreign domestic workers are in China illegally, using tourist visas to enter the country.

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