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According to official data, the scale of Guangdong's AI core industries was about 26 billion yuan. Photo: iStock

The scale of the technology market in China has jumped to 1.3 trillion yuan (US$210 billion), as significant progress has been made in commercializing science and technology achievements over the past five years, Securities Daily reported.

Wan Gang, Minister of Technology, said the next step is to effectively combine technology with finance, so as to provide entrepreneurs with all-round and various financial services.

Meanwhile, the ministry will release a guideline and specifications on artificial intelligence, according to

The ministry will focus on promoting the integrated R&D of key technologies involving AI, enabling the latter to enter open platforms and to enhance those technologies in open use.

So far, China has begun the construction of several open source platforms for AI: Baidu is committed to autonomous driving; Alibaba is dedicated to smart traffic; Tencent is working on medical imaging data; and iFlytek is focusing on speech recognition.