A Cathay Dragon plane.
Photo: iStockphoto
A Cathay Dragon plane. Photo: iStockphoto

A flight attendant labor union is to raise the matter of female cabin crew being allowed the option of wearing pants at work with Cathay Dragon, a Hong Kong-based airline owned by Cathay Pacific.

Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Flight Attendants Association will negotiate with the airline’s management on Monday with regard to changing its ‘skirt only’ rule, Oriental Daily reports.

Pauline Mak, vice chairperson of the union, said crew members would be better able to protect themselves and work more efficiently if they could wear pants on flights. She added that skirts were inconvenient when female flight attendants are helping passengers with their baggage.

Mak said the union was the first locally to raise such a proposal, and that changes in the rules could be useful in protecting female crew members from potential sexual harassment.

The union said many overseas airlines have already had discussions on the issue, and that it hoped Hong Kong employers could keep up with the global trend.

Cathay Dragon said the company would continue to discuss various topics with the union.