Whiskey has been synonymous with headaches for centuries. In recent years, forgeries have been causing pain too and whiskey counterfeits are now a global problem to the industry, both at the auction-based top-end of the market and also at the retail-facing segment.

But there could be a fix and from the first whiskey to blend Scottish and Australian products. The Brisbane – named after a pioneering Scottish scientist who founded the Australian city – was launched in Melbourne last week and claims to be the first whiskey to use blockchain technology to produce an irrefutable digital record that can prove the drink’s provenance. Each bottle is sold with an accompanying QR code that, when scanned, will allow customers to access the whiskey’s blockchain record which will then authenticate its supply chain history.

The creator of the blockchain platform is arc-net who have offices in San Francisco, Belfast and Edinburgh and who says it aims “to establish the global standard in product and supply-chain transparency, authentication and security, providing the consumer with 100% traceability, provenance and product authenticity.”

Yes but does it still give you a hangover?

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