The Indonesian Embassy in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
The Indonesian Embassy in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A 28-year-old Malaysian man of Chinese origin who met a 22-year-old Indonesian woman online and decided to marry her was allegedly cheated by two agencies from the Riau Islands in Indonesia, who disappeared after receiving his payments for arranging the marriage registration and paperwork.

The Malaysian, who was reportedly unemployed, met his fiancée last year online. The pair soon developed a romantic relationship and wanted to get married, China Press reported.

In July last year, the man paid an Indonesian agency registered in the Riau Islands $5,000 ringgit (US$1,280) after the agency promised to handle their marriage registration.

However, three months later the agency, which withheld the passport and identity card of the Indonesian woman, could not be reached.

The man then paid another agency $1,280, but the new agency also vanished without providing the marriage registration and paperwork as promised.

For the couple, the much bigger problem is their newborn son, who was diagnosed with an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid and cannot benefit from the government’s public health protection as he had yet to register as a legal citizen in Malaysia and his Indonesian fiancée did not have the marriage documents.

The boy’s father was informed that the marriage registration could be settled at the Indonesian Embassy in Johor Bahru, however, first he had to find the missing agents and retrieve his fiancée’s passport and identity card.