District Police Headquarters, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A 34-year-old Indonesian domestic worker sought help from Malaysian police last week after being dumped by the side of a highway by her employer, who has a ‘datin’ title (a prestigious honorific). She alleges the employer frequently beat her and allowed her son to sexually abuse her over the course of four months in her employment.

On March 13, China Press reports, the victim thought her 40-year-old employer was taking her to Kuala Lumpur International Airport after terminating her employment. However, she changed her mind on the way there and dumped her by the side of the highway. She was picked up by another motorist, who took her to the police.

The police learned that the victim, and another woman, from India, started working for the ‘datin’ in December, and were employed through an agency.

The Indonesian worker alleges that both she and the Indian woman suffered physical abuse at the employer’s hands. She says she beat them if they were unable to finish their domestic chores quickly enough.

She also alleges that the woman allowed her son to sexual assault her and also forced her to take contraceptive pills to prevent herself from becoming pregnant.

She also claims the Indian maid was allowed only one meal per day and was not allowed to leave the premises. The case is under investigation by Petaling Jaya police.

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