Sabah State in Malaysia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

Three Filipina women who were victims of human trafficking and forced into prostitution in Sabah, in Malaysia, have returned home to the Philippines.

Last year, the three women were promised work waitressing in Sabah by an employment agency, GMA News reports.

They were taken to Palawan by the recruiter, then traveled in a boat for seven hours to Sabah. When they arrived, instead of working as waitresses, they ended up being forced to work as sex workers in bars and pubs. When not working, they were locked up in their rooms.

In November, they were arrested and detained because they were found to be undocumented workers. However, the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia was able to help them by providing a lawyer.

On March 2, the three finally returned home to the Philippines. They said they never thought they would be able to return home and are happy to be back with their families.

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