Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island. Photos: Google Maps, iStock
Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island. Photos: Google Maps, iStock

The high cost of hotel accommodation in Hong Kong is always a major headache for budget travelers who want to visit the city. Residents of tenement buildings in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island say that some of these visitors have found a solution: pitching camp tents on rooftops, Apple Daily reported.

A reporter for the newspaper visited one of the tenement buildings, which had no security guard, no gate and no surveillance cameras, and found three tents and a canopy on the rooftop.

Snacks, drinks and cigarettes were seen on a table, while some clothes were hanging on drying racks.

Most of the “campers” – four travelers from various countries – did not want to talk to the reporter, except a 25-year-old Russian man named Vasya.

Vasya, who works in the Russian banking industry, said he had been staying in Hong Kong for a week. As a budget traveler, he could not afford an expensive hotel room. He said he tried to find camping space on Lantau Island but the campsites were fully occupied. And then a compatriot introduced him to the idea of “camping” on a rooftop.

He praised the convenient location for the “campsite,” with easy access to transportation and to toilet and shower facilities in a sports center just a few blocks away.

However, a person who lives near the building said there was no fence around the tents and worried that they could be blown away by a strong wind, which could injure pedestrians.

Reporters also suspected that the campers were stealing electrical power from the building as an extension cord was seen.

Lawyer Albert Luk discouraged such accommodation arrangements, explaining that even if the travelers did not get involved in any criminal damage to the building, they could face civil lawsuits as trespassers.