Maxims MX fast food shop in Hong Kong
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Maxims MX fast food shop in Hong Kong Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Fast food chain Maxims MX has defended its hygiene standards after a customer complained in social media that he had found a cockroach in his club sandwich while dining at Tsuen Wan Plaza in the New Territories.

The company said it was committed to providing quality meals and followed stringent health guidelines. All stores were cleaned and disinfected daily and pest controls were implemented every month.

A Facebook user calling himself Alex Au posted three photos with a group called Nasty Catering Tip-off which he said showed a sandwich purchased at the restaurant on Tuesday afternoon. Two photos clearly showed a cockroach on bread; the third was a receipt for the meal.

Alex said he had finished a quarter of the sandwich when he found the cockroach wedged in the bread. He said he then lost his appetite.

Maxims MX said it was investigating the incident and was trying to contact the disgruntled customer so it could follow up on his complaint. The restaurant said it would remind staff of company hygiene policies and strengthen its monitoring to ensure food quality was maintained.

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