Western Wholesale Food Market. Photo: Google Maps

A 23-year-old man and his dog were rescued from the sea by a stranger in the Western District of Hong Kong Island on Wednesday.

At around 5:30pm, a man and his 21-year-old wife took their Shih Tzu dog for a walk at the Western Wholesale Food Market, Oriental Daily reported.

The dog suddenly fell into the sea. Its owner immediately jumped into the sea to try to rescue his pet. However, he was unable to swim back to the shore as he was weighed down by the dog.

A passer-by observed the incident and jumped into the sea to rescue the distressed man and the dog.

Police and paramedics arrived and sent both men to Queen Mary Hospital. The rescuer was discharged after treatment while the dog owner had to stay for further medical observation.

Netizens praised the rescuer as a hero as he had saved two lives.