TaekwondoPhoto: iStockphoto
Taekwondo Photo: iStockphoto

While other domestic workers relax on their day off, one group of women have been sweating it out at a sports center for two hours a week while they master Taekwondo, the Korean form of martial art.

One Filipina, who did not disclose her name, has been able to obtain a red belt in only three years of training and says she now wants to become an instructor when she returns home. Twenty other domestic workers are also using the gym, news website HK01.com reported.

Taekwondo is known for its high kicks — often aimed at the head — demanding leaps and rapid spinning techniques, but the women do not display any weariness after their non-stop routine.

Homar, a Filipino man who voluntarily teaches the workers free of charge, said he wanted the women to be in good health and hoped they would be better able to protect themselves.

The Filipina who achieved her red belt said she now wants to reach black belt, the highest rank in the marital art, and aims to become a Taekwondo instructor when she returns to the Philippines.

Her intention is not only to improve her standard of living, but to also help people back home, especially women, to better defend themselves against any attacks.

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