Filipino domestic worker Arlene struggled to handle her employer's abusive wife. Photo: iStock

An abused Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong has rejoined her former employer after being offered a higher salary. Arlene, 35, who only gave her first name, said she was badly treated by her Indian employer’s wife while she was working for them for five years, reported.

She also claimed that her employer’s wife refused to give her food for failing to obey orders. After threatening to quit countless times, Arelene was persuaded to stay by her employer and his children.

But after five years of abuse, she decided to leave because she could not cope with the behavior of her employer’s wife. Eventually, she returned to the Philippines when her contract was terminated.

After returning to Hong Kong, she found a new position but decided to rejoin her old employer after being offered a higher salary of HK$6,000 (US$767) and the guarantee that she would not be abused.

She told that her life has improved since then.

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