Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Imre Solt

A 45-year-old Filipino domestic worker in Dubai has pleaded guilty to stealing her employer’s checkbook, which was used to pay the rent on her apartment.

Last October, the Indian employer received a call from a realty company that her maid had given the firm 11 checks to pay her rent, Gulf News reported.

The employer realized that her checkbook was missing and reported the case to the police, who arrested the domestic worker.

On Sunday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the maid was accused of stealing the checkbook and forging her employer’s signature. A total of 11 checks worth 40,000 dirhams (nearly US$11,000) were issued to the realty company.

The domestic worker pleaded guilty to stealing the checks but denied that she was the one who signed them. She said it was her roommate who forged the employer’s signature.

A ruling will be announced next Sunday.

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