Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Baycrest
Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Baycrest

A Filipina domestic worker in Hong Kong needed 20 stitches and spent three days in hospital after she pricked her finger while removing the scales of a fish.

The worker, named Minda, works in Happy Valley and was preparing her employer’s dinner when she accidentally pricked her finger on the scales of a fish, reports sunwebhk.com, a news portal for Filipinos in Hong Kong.

After three days, Minda’s left hand was badly swollen. Her employer gave her some medicine but the swelling did not go down and she had a fever.

Minda then went to see a doctor, who discovered that her wound had an infection. She was sent to hospital, where she received 20 stitches and was kept in for three days.

When she was discharged, Minda’s employer paid for the hospital bill and her medication. Minda said her husband, who also works in Hong Kong, would be taking care of her while she recovers.

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