Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Mikael Lindmark
Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Mikael Lindmark

A domestic worker died two weeks after returning home to the Philippines from Kuwait. On January 26, Josie Perez Lloren, 40, who had worked in Kuwait for two years, was very ill when she arrived back in her homeland, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Upon her arrival, she was taken to a hospital in Caloocan, a city near Manila, as she was thin and weak. After two weeks, she died. She had not been able to return to her home city of Murcia, Negros Occidental.

Lloren’s brother Greg Perez, a jeepney driver in Cebu, said the family was seeking the government’s help to find out what happened to her in Kuwait. Perez claimed that his sister had suffered abuse from her employer’s wife.

Monina Gulmatico, coordinator of migrant group Migrante Negros, said Lloren suffered from acute ulcers that caused bleeding in her stomach before she died. Gulmatico suspected Lloren was not fed properly, which caused the ulcers.

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