Stella, a domestic worker in Hong Kong, says the family cat is pampered while she never gets any sympathy. Photo: iStock

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong has complained that her employer treats her pet cat much better than her, reports, a news portal for Filipinos in Hong Kong.

Stella, 50, said that when the cat caught a cold last winter, her employer was very worried and took the animal to the veterinarian. But when Stella also got sick, her employer did not show any sympathy for her and refused even to pay her medical expenses.

The employer would feed her cat the best food, while Stella is only fed the leftovers from the family’s meals. When she goes to the supermarket to buy food for herself, the employer grumbles.

Stella said her previous employer never treated her like this and that she could not understand why her current boss was unsympathetic toward her.

Stella is currently looking for a new job because she cannot bear her employer’s “cold treatment.”

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