Areia Preta, Macau.
Photo: Google Maps
Areia Preta, Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A 35-year-old domestic worker from Vietnam was arrested in Macau on Monday for allegedly abusing a boy under her care.

Exmoo News reports that the domestic worker, surnamed Nguyen, has been employed by a family living on Rua da Pérola Oriental, in Areia Preta, since 2016. A security guard reported that she hit a one-year-old boy’s head several times in an elevator.

Nguyen had a duty of care to two boys, aged one and two.

The security guard spotted the alleged hitting on a surveillance camera at 5pm on Sunday. He informed the boy’s father on Monday evening when the latter returned home.

The father was shocked, checked the footage and reported the case to the police.

The domestic worker admitted to the police that she had slapped the boy as he had been naughty. She was sent to the Public Prosecutions Office on Tuesday for further investigation.

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