Fanling, the New Territories
Photo: Google Maps
Fanling, the New Territories Photo: Google Maps

People scrambled to pick up boxes of clothing, some still in their original wrappings, after they were apparently dumped on a street in Fanling in the New Territories on Thursday afternoon.

About 2,000 items of summer and winter clothing were left in 30 boxes in On Chuen Street, which is a loading area for trucks, news website reported. Some were still in their packaging, but other clothes were old and torn.

The website said about 10 people had rushed to gather up the clothes. Some arrived on bicycles but still managed to take their share.

It is not known why or when the clothes were left in the street, but it is thought they were probably dumped by a factory that needed to clear its stock.

Some online posts were critical of the company responsible, saying it should have sent the clothes to a charity to help the many underprivileged people in Hong Kong who don’t have enough clothing. Charities like the Salvation Army are willing to collect donated clothes if the quantity is large enough.