The Screenshot of the website of Baidu's blockchain game, Laici Dog, which allow players to trade crypto-doggies.

Following the successful launch of CryptoKitties in November of last year, Chinese Internet giants Baidu and NetEase have recently unveiled their own blockchain-based games, reported.

CryptoKitties is a game in which players can collect, buy and sell virtual breedable cats, and each purchase is recorded on the blockchain.

Similar to that, the blockchain dog project called “Laici Dog” developed by Baidu, allow players to own crypto-doggies. However, Laici Dog does not feature the cash transaction function.

Instead, players will receive points when they collect a dog. Those points can be used for subscribing to Baidu products, but they cannot be exchanged for cash.

Though NetEase’s similar “Zhaocai Cat” project is said to have been halted in the beta phase, the company’s new blockchain product called “Xingqiu,” which means “planet,” is now available for download.

It will help users to manage their digital assets with blockchain encryption storage technology.

With the demonstrated effect of the two projects, insiders are speculating whether the growing popularity of blockchain games will catch fire with users and usher in a new era in 2018.