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Photo: iStock

With the development of delivery nursing services in Beijing, shared nurses are helping more families to participate in the healthcare of the elderly, reported.

The shared nurse is the leading service provided by the app called “Gold Nurse,” which was founded in March 2016. It includes home services such as injection and transfusion, surgical wound dressing, enema, aspiration of sputum, urinary catheterization, nasal feeding and so on.

For example, regarding an injection at home, the charge is 138 yuan (US$21.9) per visit.

Ding Shaolei, the founder of the company, said according to their research, many families hire nannies or helpers without professional nursing skills to take care of the elderly at home.

Healthcare professionals in the hospitals, however, couldn’t find a another place to make full use of their skills. That’s why Ding wanted to build a platform to match the supply and demand.

According to the National Aging Commission, the population of over 60-year-olds will increase to 255 million, roughly 17.8% of the total population. Meanwhile, due to the previous one-child policy, the number of old people living alone will rise to 118 million.