A Filipino woman was reunited with her one-year-old daughter after they had been separated for three months. Photos: Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has reunited a toddler with her Filipino mother after the girl was abandoned by her Indian father.

On February 22, a security guard found a one-year-old girl alone and crying in a park. The guard found a note in the girl’s bag that said to take her to the embassy if she was found, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

Ambassador Renato Villa said the note had been written by the girl’s father, who said he was returning to India and could not take her with him because she was undocumented.

The note included the contact number of the girl’s Filipino mother. The embassy called her and reunited the child with her mother, who said she had not seen the girl for three months.

The mother said she had been kicked out of their rented room by the father, who she claimed had also physically abused her.

Villa said the mother and daughter would be sent to the Philippines through the repatriation program of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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