Electric cars being charged in a street. Photo: iStock
Electric cars being charged. Photo: iStock

The Minister of Science and Technology, Wan Gang, said annual output of new energy vehicles is expected to reach two million units, and the government hopes to double that figure every other year going forward, China News Service reported.

In 2017, China produced 794,000 units of new energy vehicles, securing first place around the world.

However, according to the new energy vehicles development plan released by the State Council, the total number of electric car production will hit two million by 2020, which means it needs to double the figure every other year from 2018.

To achieve this goal, China still needs a strong capacity to innovate, Wan added.

Wan also said that in the future, China hopes to strengthen international cooperation to boost the development of new energy vehicles, as it is the solution to three major problems plaguing Chinese big cities — air pollution, energy dependency and traffic jams.