Photo: iStockphoto
Photo: iStockphoto

A six-year-old boy was injured by a syringe which was found in the backseat of a taxi on Sunday.

The boy, surnamed Wong, and his parents took a taxi in Kowloon’s Lam Tin area, bound for a primary school in Yau Tong, at 3pm, Apple Daily reports. As he was about to get out of the taxi, the boy screamed and told his father, 53, that his right thumb was painful.

The father then found a 15 centimeter-long syringe in the crevices of the backseat. He suspected his son might have been pricked by the syringe and reported the case to the police as he was worried about disease from it. The boy was sent to hospital.

Police officers sent the syringe to the hospital for further examination and questioned the the 56-year-old taxi driver, surnamed Ngai.

In a not-dissimilar case in Australia, an eight-year-old boy is said to be facing months of blood tests – including tests for HIV – after being pricked by a needle at a playground on Saturday.

Following the incident, authorities in Esperance, on Western Australia’s south coast, immediately shut the park. They raked the playground and found 32 syringes.

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