The industrial area of Pandan Indah, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

The Malaysian Immigration Department arrested nine migrant factory workers on Tuesday in Ampang, Selangor state, on suspicion of working illegally, but there was a possibility that they had been cheated into purchasing fake resident permits that they thought were genuine.

At 11am on February 6, 33 Immigration officers busted a suspicious factory in Pandan Indah Industrial Park, and arrested two Bangladeshi men, two Indian men and five Indonesian women, Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia) reported.

The workers all attempted to prove their legal status by showing the officers their resident permits, for which they claimed to have paid 2,600 ringgit (more than US$650) each.

A Malaysian believed to be the owner of the factory was also arrested on suspicion of hiring illegal workers. He was also held for further questioning on whether he was involved in issuing fake permits.

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