Photos: Wikimedia Commons, iStockphoto
Photos: Wikimedia Commons, iStockphoto

Acupuncture needles have been reported sticking out of a Hong Kong bus seat for the second time in a month.

A Facebook user posted a photo on a group named ‘Sha Tin Locals’ showing needles sticking out of a seat on a Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) No. 47x, which runs from Chun Shek to Kwai Shing East in the New Territories.

The user states that the needles were inserted on the seat in such a way that they could hurt a passenger’s thighs if they sat down.

On January 26, a passenger on another KMB bus – the No. 81 from Wo Che in Shatin, bound for Jordan – found eight acupuncture needles inserted on a seat. The passenger immediately informed the bus driver.

A KMB spokesperson told that checks had been made following reports but that no evidence was found. The company iterated that it values passenger safety and urged all passengers to be careful with their property to avoid hurting others. It added that anyone found damaging seats or other parts of the bus on purpose will be reported to the police.