Marivic Villarejo was allegedly abused and starved by her employers in Saudia Arabia before she died. The picture on the right reportedly shows her at Riyadh airport shortly before she flew home. Photos: Facebook

A Filipino domestic worker allegedly abused by her employers in Saudi Arabia has died four days after flying home to Cebu in the Philippines.

According to a Facebook post, Marivic Villarejo left Riyadh on February 16. She was at the airport in the Saudi capital when some Filipinos saw her and wanted to help her.

Pictures of Villarejo showed she was badly malnourished.

The post said Villarejo’s employers had not paid for her plane ticket to Cebu and did not even take her to the airport.

Some Filipinos who saw her felt pity for her, given her frail physical condition.

Four days after she left Saudi Arabia, Villarejo died in Cebu. Another Facebook post said Villarejo was abused by her employers and not given sufficient food.

Marivic Villarejo. Photo: Facebook

But no other details have been revealed about her employers or the circumstances that led to her leaving Saudi Arabia.

Many Filipinos have expressed their condolences to Villarejo’s family.

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