Hazel Ramos claims she was slapped by her employer until her nose bled. Photos: Facebook

A Filipino domestic worker in Kuwait, assisted by a friend, took a video of herself with a bleeding nose after she was allegedly injured by her employers, who had accused her of stealing jewelry.

On Sunday, two videos of domestic worker Hazel Ramos were uploaded on Facebook by her compatriot Renelyn Nazareno Macabus, who also lives in Kuwait.

In the video, Ramos is seen with her nose bleeding. According to Macabus, Ramos is pleading for help from the Philippine government to rescue her and bring her home.

Ramos claims that her female employer threw things at her after accusing her of stealing her jewelry. When Ramos said she had not taken the jewelry, the woman started slapping her, which made her nose bleed.

This was not the first time Ramos had experienced abuse. She told her friend that her male boss had pushed her down the stairs from the second floor of their house and slapped her because he had told by the female employer that Ramos had lost his credit cards, which she insisted she had not.

Macabus pleaded to the public to share her post in order to reach out to the Philippine government for help.

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