Wan Chai Sports Ground on Hong Kong Island
Photo: Wikipedia, HoneyBee, YouTube
Wan Chai Sports Ground on Hong Kong Island Photo: Wikipedia, HoneyBee, YouTube

Footage has surfaced of a daring BASE jump by two men from a rooftop in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island, in the latest of a series of leaps from high-rise buildings on both sides of the harbour.

The two-minute-45-second video, which was recorded by the jumpers and reproduced by the Oriental Daily, shows two Western men entering the 43rd floor of a building on Gloucester Road.

They are seen climbing up to a window, adjusting the cameras on their helmets and then leaping out. They then glide by parachute down to the Wan Chai Sports Ground, a drop of 160 meters.

The two men got a chilly reception, with staffers at the sports ground complaining that their stunt was dangerous for children on the sports ground. Undeterred, the duo packed their parachute and ran away.

It is not the first time the BASE jumpers, believed to belong to a group called BJ Break Stuff, have jumped from buildings in Hong Kong. Videos uploaded on YouTube in September and October last year showed the group parachuting in various parts of the city.

They have leaped from a high-rise residential building in Tin Hau in Causeway Bay onto the football pitches in Victoria Park and from the top of a stand at Hong Kong Stadium onto its football pitch. They also jumped from a building in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon.

One video shows jumpers at a police station, with an officer telling them “it’s very danger (dangerous), this is Hong Kong, this is not Australia”. He adds that “disobeys (it is against) Hong Kong law”.

BASE jumping is an extreme sport in which participants parachute or use a wingsuit to glide from a fixed structure or cliff face.

The videos have gone viral, with some Netizens slamming the stunts. They said the jumpers were endangering not only own their lives but also the safety of those around them, Sing Tao Daily reported.