Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

The Trump administration is preparing to unveil a series of trade actions targeting China and other economic competitors in the coming weeks, including possible tariffs long advocated by the president, Politico reports.

The president is tentatively scheduled to meet with cabinet secretaries and senior advisors as soon as this week to discuss action on trade fights, including those related to steel, solar panels, and intellectual property protection.

Though Trump is “undecided and could come out any number of ways,” one official said, they added it is “very likely” that the president will go ahead with tariffs of some kind. Expressing frustration that his administration has yet to take aggressive steps on trade, Trump has urged advisors to present options which include harsh tariffs on Chinese imports, sources said.

Potential trade action was not limited to China, according to the report.

While taking a harder line on trade was one of Trump’s signature campaign pledges, especially regarding China, the issue has been contentious within his administration. But calls for a moderate approach from advisors such as Gary Cohn appear to have lost sway as aides say the question of whether Trump will take tough trade steps is now focused on exactly how far they should go.

Trump’s State of the Union Address to be given later this month may offer a preview of a more aggressive posture toward China, one official said.

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