Three women fight on a train at Mei Foo Station, Kowloon. Photo: Facebook

Police arrested three women for fighting over seats on a Hong Kong commuter train on Tuesday evening. The trio, a 54-year-old woman surnamed Lau, a 49-year-old woman surnamed Zhang and a 24-year-old woman surnamed He, were seen fighting on a Mass Transit Railway (MTR) train at Mei Foo Station, reported.

A two-minute-video filmed by a commuter on the platform and posted on Facebook showed a woman’s hair and hands being held by the other two as she was being kicked.

It was understood that they were fighting over seats.

Three MTR staffers boarded the train and tried unsuccessfully to stop the fight. The battle continued as the train proceeded to the next station.

Police arrested the trio in Tsuen Wan West Station.

Lau was injured on her face, mouth and finger and also reported pain in her chest and neck. Zhang was injured on her head and neck and He had injuries on her face, Apple Daily reported.

They were all sent to hospital for treatment.

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