Photo: Reuters/Aly Song
Photo: Reuters/Aly Song

Tencent Cloud, an arm of Chinese Internet giant Tencent, has opened its data center in Chongqing, which will provide high-performance computing power and Internet technology capabilities to the manufacturing industry in southwest China, reported.

The data center relies on Blackstone server clusters to create a high-performance computing (HPC) zone capable of outputting super-cloud solutions.

Located at Chongqing, the core of the southwest region and an important industrial base for the country, it represents the company’s main deployment for the burgeoning cloud sector.

Meanwhile, Tencent is not the only major company to leap into cloud computing with both feet. Alibaba Cloud said it will build its Industrial Internet Cloud Platform in Guangdong, the so-called paradise for “Made in China.”

The company plans to integrate Guangdong’s manufacturing industry with its ET industrial brain.

Another Internet giant, Baidu Cloud, has also leveraged advanced cloud technology in the areas of logistics, industry and finance.