China's Shenzhen city in the night. Photo: iStock
China's Shenzhen city in the night. Photo: iStock

The State Council has agreed to withdraw the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone management line, in order to promote the integrated development of Shenzhen city, Reference News reported.

The line was the product of China’s Reform and Opening Up Policy, which marked a major shift in economic direction.

The city had separated the special economic zone from other areas by setting up a management line in 1982. The line was actually an 84.6-kilometer long and 2.8-meter high barbed wire barrier that was constantly patrolled.

Till 2005, there were 16 checkpoints along the line, requiring identification documents for entry. In 2014, all officers and soldiers were diverted to other border units and the management line existed in name only.

The State Council also announced that after the withdrawal of the management line, it was necessary to further strengthen frontline control over the border between Guangdong province and Hong Kong, and also promote infrastructure construction.