Michelle Chong as Filipino domestic worker Leticia Bongnino in the Ministry of Manpower video. Photo: Facebook, Michelle Chong

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has released a video to try to raise awareness about domestic workers’ rights.

On January 15, Michelle Chong, who starred in the video as a Filipino domestic worker named Leticia Bongnino, uploaded the video on her Facebook page. 

Chong reprised her role as Leticia five years after she appeared on a Singapore comedy television series titled The Noose.

Behind the scenes of the MOM video. Photo: Instagram, Michelle Chong

In the video, Leticia says her employer does not give her full salary because her employer’s friend said she does not know how to handle money. She says she wears her employer’s old clothes as she does not have money to buy her own.

She then goes to her employment agency, where she learns she is entitled to receive her full salary and that her employer has no right to control her salary. 

She was advised to show her employer the MOM website and contact the ministry if there are any problems in regard to her work conditions.

The ministry says there are 243,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore.