Tekka Centre, Buffalo Road, Singapore. Photos: All Singapore Stuff@Facebook, Google Maps

Singapore police are investigating a fight in a food court at Tekka Centre, a multi-use complex in the city’s Little India section after an 18-second video of the incident went viral on social media.

On Sunday, two women were filmed fighting after a quarrel reportedly escalated when they were buying drinks at Tekka Centre on Buffalo Road, channel8news.sg reported.

The video showed two women shouting at and pushing each other and also pulling hair. One of them splashed water on the other. Some of their friends tried to stop them.

Someone took a video of the incident and posted it on a Facebook page named All Singapore Stuff on Monday. Within hours, the video was shared 500 times, but was then taken down.

Police confirmed that they had received a report at 2:26pm on Sunday about a case of voluntarily causing hurt at Tekka Centre.

They said they were investigating the case but no one had been arrested yet, Stomp reported.