Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

A recent ranking of “passport power” revealed China’s official international travel ID continues to rack up visa-free entry points.

According to the 2018 Henley Passport Index, Chinese travelers can now travel to 60 countries or territories with no visa or visa on arrival, an addition of 10 locations from the year before. China was the third most improved over the previous year.

Meanwhile, India is treading water with its lowest ranking since citizenship planning firm Henley & Partners started the ranking, Quartz reports, citing historical data provided by the company. Until 2016, an Indian passport offered visa-free access to more countries. As recently as 2013, a Chinese passport meant easy access to only 38 countries, while Indian travelers enjoyed the same for 50.

Despite the improvement, China has plenty of room to continue climbing, say some.

“Actually the number of countries which have visa-exempt policies to China doesn’t match China’s international standing and power, even Taiwan has more than a hundred visa-free access countries,” a post to China’s Weibo was quoted by Quartz as saying.

Germany stands alone in the top spot on Henley’s list, with visa-free access to 177 countries, followed close behind by Singapore and Switzerland.

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