The victim was shot with a 9mm gun like the one in the inset in Zamboanga City. Photos: Google Maps, iStock

A Filipino woman was found dead on her bed in Zamboanga City, Mindanao, after a family dispute over remittances from the victim’s older sister, who works in Malaysia.

Before the incident, the older woman suspected that her husband was spending the family’s monthly remittances on drugs. She decided to send the money to her younger sister instead to manage the family’s finances, Zamboanga Today reported.

However, the husband was not happy with the arrangement and started sending angry messages to his wife in Malaysia. On January 3, he threatened his wife that he would do something that would frighten her.

She tried to contact her sister and other relatives about the threat, but they could not be reached. On January 4, the victim’s relatives found her dead body lying on her bed.

The police said the victim had been shot with a 9mm gun through a window. They arrested the victim’s brother-in-law as a suspect to the crime because of the threatening messages he had sent to his wife in Malaysia. However, the suspect denied that he had killed his sister-in-law. He also denied having a gun.

The police are investigating the case.

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