Screen capture of reported propaganda video from Syrian-based jihadi group Katibat al Ghuraba depicting a children's training camp. Source: FDD

A Syria-based jihadist group mainly comprised of ethnic Uighurs has been stepping up social media campaigns, in yet another instance of al Qaeda-linked militants claiming to represent the ethnic group.

Counterterrorism-focused think tank Foundation for Defense and Democracy (FDD) says that Katibat al Ghuraba, (KGT) as the outfit is named, has a diverse membership, but its media is almost exclusively in Uighur. KGT has also focused some of its propaganda on the Chinese government and its alleged crimes against ethnic minority Uighurs living in the Xinjiang region.

In addition to producing its own media campaigns, the KGT has reportedly dubbed videos produced by other al Qaeda-affiliated groups in Uighur, in an apparent effort to step up recruitment within regions such as Xinjiang.

FDD noted in its report on Thursday that the group has raised its profile on social media in recent weeks, posting videos to YouTube, including combat footage, interviews, lectures, as well as footage of a school for children. KGT is suspected to be based in Idlib.