Arya Samaj Building in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Arya Samaj Building in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

The first Migrant Cultural Show in Singapore was held on Sunday, showcasing different talents in performances by more than 90 migrant workers from different countries.

On Sunday at the Arya Samaj Building in the city-state’s Little India section, more than 90 migrant workers from Bangladesh, Indonesia, India and the Philippines showed their talents in music, dance, drama and poetry performances, The Straits Times reported.

About 400 people attended the event, including Debbie Fordyce, executive committee member of Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), members of the Singapore Bangladesh Society, and non-government organizations Aidha and the Indonesian Family Network.

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The show was organized by a group of migrant workers in Singapore. Fazley Elahi, 30, a construction worksite supervisor from Bangladesh, said the show was a way to promote cultural bonding and friendship among different nationalities.

Elahi also said the organizing committee planned to make the show an annual event in order to provide an opportunity for migrant workers to connect over the arts.

“I want to show that migrants workers are not just workers, but also have passion in different art forms,” he said.

There are about 1.3 million migrant workers in Singapore.