Dormitories for migrant workers in Tampines neighborhood, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

Two Bangladeshi men allegedly assaulted a migrant worker at a dormitory in Tampines, Singapore, after he failed to pay them protection money, saying that he could not afford it.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the 25-year-old migrant, who was working as a part-time hair stylist in the dormitory, was told by the two men in December that he would have to make a monthly payment of SG$100 (US$76) or he could not continue his business.

The men, aged 32 and 28, allegedly claimed that the migrant’s business was in an area under their supervision. Scared of retaliation, the man initially complied, handing over SG$100 as instructed.

But on December 30 he told the men he could not afford to make any further payments because he was not getting enough business.

Infuriated, the two Bangladeshis allegedly attacked the migrant, leaving him with face injuries and bruises on his chest.

They appeared in court on January 13 charged with one count each of robbery causing injury. On Thursday the 32-year-old was additionally charged with six counts of blackmail in the State Court of Singapore.

If convicted of the robbery charge they could face a jail term of five to 20 years, and 12 strokes with a cane. The blackmail charges carry a sentence of two to seven years, with additional caning. 

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