The employment agency is in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Photo: Google Maps
The employment agency is in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Photo: Google Maps

Another 15 people who employed maids in Selangor were allegedly victims of a Malaysian employment agency that charged high fees but provided workers who were problematic or ran away a short time after being hired.

The service provided by a maid agency in Puchong in Petaling district was discussed at a press conference on January 3 chaired by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Michael Chong, who said four clients were allegedly cheated after paying high fees because the workers they were sent ran away before their three-month probation period ended, China Press reported.

Ng Sze Han, the Democratic Action Party’s State Assemblyman for Kinrara in Puchong, told the media his office received 15 complaints filed by employers, each of whom paid over 10,000 ringgits (US$2,564) on average to the same agent in Bandar Puteri in Puchong, for maids.

Two victims voiced their dismay and anger at a media briefing last Saturday.

A 49-year-old fruit wholesaler surnamed Lee said he paid the agent 14,000 ringgits ($3,589) in August last year and was instantly allocated a maid. The agent also promised to process the maid’s application for a work permit once she passed probation.

However, in November, soon after the probation period ended, the worker left without giving any notice. The agent allegedly refused to give Lee a refund and suggested he pay another 9,800 ringgits ($2,512) to get another worker.

Another victim, also surnamed Lee, 49, was luckier – he got a partial refund of 6,500 ringgits ($1,666) for a maid who ran away after 19 days. – despite allegedly being promised a full refund of the 15,000 ringgits ($3,845) he paid initially.

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