Long Ping Estate, Yuen Long, the New Territories.
Photo: Google Maps
Long Ping Estate, Yuen Long, the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps

A man who was assaulted with a pair of scissors by his younger brother, – in Yuen Long, in Hong Kong’s New Territories, on Wednesday – was reported to be in stable condition following the incident. His mother had little sympathy to offer him, however: Apple Daily reports that she blames the older brother for the attack.

The woman has three sons and a daughter. Her oldest son and daughter no longer live with her in Yuen Long’s Long Ping estate, but her other two sons – Ah Keung, 32, and Ah Kit, 20 – do.

She said Ah Keung is headstrong, believes a lot in superstition, and is also addicted to drugs and gambling. A few years ago, he spent his deceased father’s entire savings – amounting to HK$200,000 (US$25,578) – to settle his own gambling debts.

The mother said Ah Keung often complained about Ah Kit’s girlfriend having moved into their home and had asked his younger brother to break up with the girl due their Chinese zodiac signs being incompatible. Both Ah Keung and Ah Kit have the ox as their signs, while the girl’s is a tiger. Ah Keung insists oxes cannot co-exist with  tigers. The two sons quarreled often over this issue.

On Wednesday, Ah Keung returned home to find the girl in the flat alone. Ah Keung brought up the issue again and became emotional. Headline Daily reports that he pulled the girl’s hair and smashed her mobile phone. She then called the brothers’ mother. Shortly thereafter, Ah Kit stabbed Ah Keung on the street with a pair of scissors.

Ah Kit was arrested and was due to appear at Tuen Mun Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Au Chung-tak, a feng shui master, said pairing an ox and a tiger was not the worst combination. The Chinese zodiac, which forms part of traditional Chinese folklore, is used to name years on a 12-year rotation. The coming lunar year will be the Year of the Dog.

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