Yuen Long Station. Photos: Wikimedia Commons, iStock
Yuen Long Station. Photos: Wikimedia Commons, iStock

A Hong Kong man posted on social media a video clip of a steamed bun in which he found a piece of chewed gum. He bought the bun in Yung Long, New Territories.

Wing Hui posted a 22-second-video on a Facebook group called “Tai Po” on Monday morning, showing a piece of gray chewing gum mixed in with the stuffing of a steamed bun.

Hui reminded other netizens to make sure they tear their buns in half and look carefully to see what’s inside before eating them.

He said he bought two steamed buns – a pork and cabbage bun and a meat bun with pickled mustard tuber – at a chain dim sum store at Yung Long West Rail Station on Monday morning.

After finishing the first bun and biting into the second one, he encountered something minty, after which he found the chewed piece of bubble gum in the stuffing.

Hui did not mention the name of the dim sum store but the video showed paper packaging with the name Tong Kee Bao Dim.

He said he goes to that store very often and had never before found any problem with the food.

Hui has lodged a complaint to Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, HK01.com reported.

The retail chain learned of the case through social media and said it was trying to contact Hui to find out more about the incident. It said it would evaluate its food-preparation process to ensure proper standards of hygiene and quality.

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