HDB Block 623 on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
HDB Block 623 on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 31-year-old Indonesian maid was arrested by Singapore police after allegedly tossing more than 40 items out of her employer’s home on Friday afternoon, allegedly endangering the lives of more than 20 people who were playing Pokemon Go downstairs.

The incident reportedly took place at 1:30pm on Friday in an apartment on the second floor of a public housing block on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9, Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

Various items including a rice cooker, a kettle, pots and pans, picture frames, a mirror and clothes were thrown out of the kitchen window.

Bystanders meanwhile were busy playing Pokemon Go downstairs, trying to capture a rare creature. The crowd dispersed when things started falling from above.

The maid, who was wearing a yellow T-shirt, was allegedly in an odd mental state, as she kept waving her arms and murmuring something incomprehensible, witnesses said.

The domestic worker was hired last month to look after the employer’s 90-year-old mother in the apartment.

The 70-year-old male employer surnamed Lin told Shin Min Daily News that his maid wanted to return to Indonesia to visit her mother after working for only two weeks, so he had contacted the employment agency to make the arrangement, only to be informed that he was her third employer.

The maid was dismissed by her former employers after failing to adapt to a new environment, he was told.

The newspaper also learned that the maid had recently changed her mind again and wished to stay to work for the Lin family.

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