An Etihad Airways plane. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Dura-Ace
An Etihad Airways plane. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Dura-Ace

A 37-year-old Indonesian woman was arrested by police at the airport in Jakarta early on Sunday for allegedly dumping a newborn baby on a flight when going home from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Huni, a resident of Cianjur in West Java who goes by just the one name, had worked as a domestic worker in Abu Dhabi for four years, the Jakarta Post reported.

She took an Etihad Airways flight on Saturday and started bleeding four hours after the plane took off. She was upgraded to business class from economy class and had to wear an oxygen mask.

Huni received a medical check after the plane landed in Bangkok. She then arranged to take another flight, reported.

After the plane took off, she gave birth to a baby boy in the lavatory but she allegedly put him in a plastic bag – and left the bag in a bin.

The baby was later found dead in the lavatory by cleaners after the plane landed on Sunday at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. Huni, who has two children and a husband living in Indonesia, was then arrested.

She reportedly admitted that she left the baby inside a plastic bag in the lavatory. She said she had made pregnant by her employer in the UAE.

Jakarta police said they are investigating the case and are not clear about how the baby died.

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