Kennedy Town MTR Station in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
Kennedy Town MTR Station in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

A 38-year-old Filipino maid almost got caught breaching Hong Kong regulations against accepting part-time work after she was asked to clean an apartment that did not belong to her regular employer.

The woman nicknamed “Lenglui,” which literally means “Pretty Girl” in Cantonese, has been working for her current employer for three years, reported. Last month, she was offered a cleaning job in Kennedy Town by a fellow Filipino.

On December 3, Lenglui went to to the apartment and met the man who was living there. He asked her to clean up the apartment while he was away for a meeting for a short time.

As Lenglui was cleaning the apartment, she saw a document hanging on the wall that identified the man as an immigration officer. She immediately left the apartment and sent a message to the man that it is illegal in Hong Kong for domestic workers to have part-time jobs.

Lenglui erased all relevant mobile messages as she was afraid she would be arrested.

The article did not say whether the incident was a setup by immigration authorities or if the man genuinely needed help cleaning his apartment.

Lenglui has been reminding fellow Filipinos not to trust people automatically, especially about illegal job offers.

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