Senate Square, MacauPhoto: iStock
Senate Square, Macau Photo: iStock

The Macau government received 2,400 submissions during the 45-day consultation period regarding the proposed statutory minimum wages for all workers in the city.

Labor Affairs Bureau director Wong Chi-hong said the government aimed to finish drafting a report on the opinions collected during the consultation period and announce it to the public within the first quarter of this year, Jornal Do Cidadao reported.

While Macau society had a heated discussion on whether the proposed statutory minimum wages should include domestic workers, Wong said the Labor Affairs Bureau and the government had no predetermined position on the issue.

The government will listen to and consolidate the opinions received and make a decision on the issue, Wong said.

However, he emphasized that he hoped Macau people would understand that the job of domestic workers is unique and that most of them live with their employers. The employers not only pay their monthly salaries but also bear the cost of accommodation and food.

The government will take into account the statutory wage levels of domestic workers in other markets, Wong added.

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